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Microbial actives by DSM

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White label

We offer a broard range of innovative product concepts, produced and packaged according to your needs. The products come with comprehensive documentation and are ready to market with your artwork and brand. This allows you to save development costs and fully focus on sales and marketing.

Consumer-focused. Always.

A clear purpose is a key ingredient of any succesful product. With leading nutritinal science competences and market insights, we help you deliver health benefit-focused solutions that put the consumer at the heart of your next dietary supplement.

Innovation. As standard.

Our unmatched scientific expertise, application know-how and strategic partnerships enable us to deliver innovation beyond ingredients. From technical and regulatory support to branding and packaging, we support you at every stage of development and after.

Streamlined. At every step.

We simplify the supply chain to get your product to market faster. Our tested formulations and off-the-shelf services help you quickly deliver purpose-led solutions locally, regionally and globally - withour major investment in new infrastructure, R&D and labor.

Galenic forms

  • Capsules
  • Tablets, monolayer 
  • Tablets, bilayer
  • Mono sachets
  • Twin sachets
  • Drops
  • Mono dose 

State-of-the-art production

Our products are manufactured in the EU under GMP, ISO and according to HACCP, at facilities specially designated for the production of products containing microbial actives.

Strict cleanroom facilities, designed for production under extremely low relative humidity, enable us to offer products with a very long shelf life, exceeding the usual market standards.

Every product is produced to order which allows for a high level of flexibility and optimal shelf-life conditions.

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Market-ready product concepts based on science and developed with the consumer in mind.

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As a division of DSM, sustainability is a common thread that runs through everything we do.

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