Market-ready product concepts

Microbial actives by Biocare Copenhagen

Your next dietary supplement with probiotics

We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of product concepts for dietary supplements with microbial actives - based on science and with the consumer at heart. Below you can see the concept categories. 

Market ready or tailor-made?

As a reliable end-to-end innovation partner for white label dietary supplements with microbial actives, we offer both market-ready products and products with tailored formulations to fit your specific market and consumer needs.

End-to-end partner | Biocare Copenhagen

Biocare Copenhagen offer both market-ready products for white label and tailored products with customized formulations.

Dietary Supplement Products | DSM

DSM provides customized dietary supplement solutions. Find out how we can create the perfect dietary supplement formulation or ready-to-use premix for a variety of applications.

Science & innovation | Biocare Copenhagen

Our nutritional science competence is what enables us to innovate and support product development of dietary supplements with microbial actives.