Embracing sustainability

Microbial actives by DSM

A brighter future for all

As a member of the DSM family, sustainability is a core value of Biocare Copenhagen. Sustainability is a common thread that runs through everything we do at DSM – and has done for years.

The reason is simple. We don’t want to be successful in a world where the ice caps melt; coral is decimated; millions are left homeless and destitute due to climate change; while hundreds of millions remain undernourished. We want to contribute to a more sustainable footprint.

Sustainable packaging materials

We are on continuous lookout for packaging materials that can help reduce waste and promote recycling. The packaging materials are important components for the consumer experience, but they also contribute to the overall carbon footprint of the product. We are able to offer sustainability-certified carton in order to combat deforestation. Extending the self-life of the final product is another way to reduce the environmental impact. Through advanced primary packaging we are able to increase the stability of our products and thereby help to reduce food waste.


Sustainability throughout the value chain

To reduce finite resources and replace them with renewable ones; to reduce waste through more efficient production and recycling; and to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals by shifting to safe alternatives is something we do within DSM. And this is a topic of high importance in our dialogue with our suppliers at every step of the value chain.  

Safety, Health and the Environment (SHE)

The care for Safety, Health and the Environment (SHE) is of paramount importance for the realization of DSM’s purpose to create brighter lives for people today and generations to come. We strive to create an incident and injury free working environment and to be an industry leader in the field of Safety, Health & Environment.